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'A Carnaby Introduction'

Mon Mar 2nd at 12:00 PM
Hello there, and welcome to the Carnaby weekly blog! This is something new for Carnaby, for me and for all of you reading. I know “boring” introductions are not anyone’s favourite piece of literature but stick with me, it gets better I promise.

Let me give you a small insight into what it is like working for Carnaby. After only a few weeks with the company, I can safely say I already feel at home and part of the team. My first day with the company I arrived on time and walked into the building not knowing what to expect. Almost instantly I was greeted by a number of friendly faces who showed me to my desk and made it their day’s mission to make sure I felt welcomed and at home. Day-after-day since then nothing has changed, every single member of the team treat me as though I’ve worked here all my life.

By now you’re probably wondering who I am and why I’m speaking to you from a computer screen, so I feel it would be best to introduce myself. My name is Ryan and I’m a member of the Carnaby team. My role within the company is based within internal sales, however I’ve already been tasked to develop our website and globally communicate Carnaby’s brand values.

During my blogs you’re going to be getting to understand my personality a lot better, interact with my views and of course have your personal say too. Over the course of the coming updates I’ll cover a vast amount of topics including caravan information, holiday ideas, upcoming events and we’ll also meet some key figures within the Carnaby team.

The time has come for me to end this week’s entry, I apologise once more for an introduction, however I wanted to give you a taste of who I am and what you should expect from this weekly series.

From everyone here at Carnaby, have a fantastic week wherever you may be.

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